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Before anything else, we, CRJ (Chadian Revolution for Justice), in the name of all our militants and all Chadian people, we bring up forward all our best congratulations, all our painful condolences and all our support to Libyan people for their courage to fight this 42-years of Kaddafi’s bloody dictatorship!

On the other hand, we press the International Community, European Union, African Union, Arab League and any democracy values defending country to condemn solemnly this shameful massacre of Libyan people by Colonel Kaddafi’s terror regime! Colonel Khadafi must be taken to jail for an equal trial along any dignitary, civilian or uniformed officers who helped this regime to perpetuate 42 years of massacres, killings, tortures, deportation for death, etc!

Furthermore, we heard that Idriss Deby (from Chad) has sent military troops in order to support Colonel Khadafi, if so, these Deby’s militiamen must immediately keep away from Libyan revolutionaries otherwise they must assume their responsibility for their own on their own, because the people of Chad do never, never accept any crime of any form, under any circumstances!

Out criminal dictators! Colonel Khadafi out! GL Deby Itno out !

Korei Djimi president of CRJ.
Tag(s) : #Politique

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